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Vinitas is here to help wine consumers get the most enjoyment out of every glass of wine. Our style of wine education is casual, conversational, and geared toward helping you learn about your own palate. We’re here to answer all your  “dumb wine questions!”

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New and exciting for 2019 at Vinitas

In my last blog post I highlighted some of my wine activities from 2018 that I was most proud of. NOW for the new stuff (all the old stuff is still happening too): Tasting History through Airbnb: My newly-design Experience will focus on the beverages of Boston during the time of the American Revolution. Why […]

Welcome to a New Year at Vinitas Wineworks!

Happy New Year wine lovers! It’s been way too long since I posted anything to this blog section, but now that I’ve got a new-and-improved webpage thanks to Gordon Multimedia it’s time to reintroduce myself and everything that I do. I specialize in fun, casual wine education. Even though I have loads of wine info […]

Red Wine Sangria

Red wine sangria for any occasion

Blueberry French 75

A deliciously refreshing summertime twist on the French 75

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Most Recent Review:Torresella Prosecco DOC

Prosecco is one of the hotest wines on the market, and for good reason. It’s reasonably priced, fruity, bubbly, and delicious! As a broad category Prosecco can be broken down into two smaller classifications: DOC and DOCG. The DOCs generally come from a broader area, are less expensive, and usually simpler in style. DOCGs can […]

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