Custom Wine Tastings In Your Home

host a wine tasting event in your homeGet a group together for a Wine Workshop for up to 10 people in the comfort of your own home. Choose from our list of custom-designed tasting themes or pick a subject that you and your guests want to learn more about.

Prices may vary depending on the number of participants.

Must be 21+ to participate in any of our events.

  • Learn What You Like and Why

    Our most popular tasting! You’ll taste through a variety of wines blind (that means with their labels covered up) and throw preconceived notions out the window. Always fun and a serious eye-opener.

  • Wine Styles

    So often wine classes focus on learning about grape varieties or places such as Bordeaux or Chianti. This informative seminar lets you taste through a variety of wines based on what they actually taste like, not the place they’re from or the grapes they’re made of.

  • Taste Like a Pro

    What’s up with all that swirling and sniffing? Ever feel intimidated when a wine pro throws out terms like “minerality” and “terroir”? Learn why those of us in the wine professions do what we do and say what we say…and leave with the confidence to talk about it!

  • Guided by Giants

    Ever wonder what those professional wine reviews and back-label tasting notes are REALLY saying? We’ll taste through a group of wines while looking at the tasting notes of some of the best wine critics in the business, and compare your own impressions. Remember-wine is subjective and there are no wrong answers!

  • Do You Smell What I Smell?

    Raspberry? Wet Stones? Cat pee?! Believe it or not, these are common descriptors found in many wine tasting notes! Come compare a variety of wines with their real-world equivalents and hone your sense of smell and taste. Don’t worry, we’ll leave the cat at home.

  • Introduction to Food and Wine Pairing

    Taste a variety of foods and wines together, and talk about your impressions. Learn what makes a good match, plus learn why some pairings are less than successful.

  • Don’t see a theme that you like?

    We’ll work with you to create an event that fits your interests and taste. Love Italy or Spain? No problem. Want to do all Reds? We can do that!

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