About Us

Why learn about wine with Vinitas Wineworks? So many reasons! Besides making it fun, I keep it casual. Sure I teach you how to swirl and sniff, but I’ll also give you useful, down-to-earth advice that’s truly going to increase your appreciation of wine. My mission is to boost your personal wine enjoyment by sharpening your knowledge. If you know what tastes good to you, and you’re eager to learn more, we’re the place for you!

Kim M. Simone, CSW, FWS, Founder & Lead Wine Advisor

Kim M. Simone, CSW, FWSKim Simone is a Certified Specialist of Wine with a mission to make wine accessible, engaging, and fun for her students. Her adventures in wine began when she was a graduate student in Boston University’s Gastronomy program. Always fascinated by the culture of food, she discovered a passion for beverages while enrolled in a History of Wine course. Deciding to make wine her career, Kim took a position at Martignetti Liquors as a wine consultant while completing her Masters. She spent eleven years in the retail and wholesale sides of the trade, tasting wine with some of the biggest winemakers and importers in the world while at the same time helping regular folks pick out delicious wines that suit their tastes and budgets. In 2014 Kim realized her dream of starting an independent wine education company when she launched Vinitas Wineworks, LLC. Kim is a certified instructor for the French Wine Scholar Program, teaches Adult Education courses in wine for seven communities south of Boston as well as the Boston Center for Adult Education and the Boston Winery, and is a facilitator in the Wine Studies program at Boston University. In addition to conducting her own events, she and a colleague co-host the Franklin Wine Club and the radio program The Wonderful World of Wine on Franklin Public Radio. Kim holds the WSET Advanced Certificate, is a Certified Specialist of Wine, and attained the distinction of French Wine Scholar with Highest Honors from the Wine Scholar Guild.