Meet our Founder, Kim Simone

I wanted to share with you a little more about my background, what made me get into wine, and why I’m so excited to be doing what I’m doing.
I’ve always loved food. I remember the first cookbook I ever bought (I was 12, every recipe included chocolate, and I still use it today.) So when I was a directionless mid-20-something working for a non-profit and I discovered that Boston University had a Master’s program that focused exclusively on food and wine I was psyched. I’m a total geek at heart (I studied dead languages in college, for goodness sake.) And what I love so much about food isn’t just the act of eating it (although I’ve been known to weep over perfectly marinated tomatoes) but the idea that what we eat shapes our identities, our interactions with others, and defines our personal identities. This program was a great fit for me, because I could choose to focus on the academic side of food rather than the practical side of cooking. As much as I love to cook I knew that a culinary career just wasn’t in the cards for me. What we eat (and what we refuse to eat), how we eat it, who we eat it with…endlessly fascinating. So although I’m not a professional cook, my kitchen is the central room of our home, the place we hang out. Fermentations of all sorts make me geek out too-we make our own sauerkraut and pickles, I bake sourdough with a wild starter that I’ve been raising for years, and we even brew our own beer!
So I jumped ship from my non-profit job, started taking classes for the Gastronomy degree, and took a part-time job in a wine store. Between the things I learned in my classes and the experiences that I had through the store I knew I’d found my career path. When I started I knew NOTHING about wine aside from the fact that I thought it was yummy and that wine tasting classes were a fun activity for me and my future husband to do together. So I’m VERY familiar with that feeling of asking an ignorant wine question and feeling a little dumb about it. I still remember my first “Ah ha!” moment where I could taste a specific flavor in a wine…but that’s a story for later.
So it’s pretty apparent that I LOVE wine. I love the intricacies of different grape varieties, how bottles of wine change over time, how the flavors change with different foods. I love the mystery and excitement that a bottle can provoke-there is so much out there that no one can know it all, and it’s a continual journey of discovery and adventure. And although a lot of my knowledge of wine came from my on-the-job experience, I’ve also benefitted greatly from my time in the classroom. For you pros out there, I hold the WSET Advanced certificate, attended the Elizabeth Bishop Wine School at BU, and will sit for the French Wine Scholar exam in May.
Professionally most of my time has been spent selling wine, both in a store and on the road, but my true passion for the subject has always been in educating others. I’ve loved the one-on-one interactions with everyday customers, helping them expand their own palates and finding new favorites. So once my degree was finished I knew I needed a shift, a new direction while still staying with the subject that I loved. So here I am, bringing my unique spin on wine education to all of you through this blog and website, as well as directly to my Massachusetts clients with wine tastings, classes, and personalized consulting.
Thank you for joining me on this adventure, I am crazy excited to be able to do the things that I love and get all of you involved in it too.