New and exciting for 2019 at Vinitas

In my last blog post I highlighted some of my wine activities from 2018 that I was most proud of. NOW for the new stuff (all the old stuff is still happening too):

Tasting History through Airbnb: My newly-design Experience will focus on the beverages of Boston during the time of the American Revolution. Why did I change it? This is one of those instances of taking an honest look at what you’re doing, and if it isn’t working making some adjustments. As much as I loved doing a straight wine tasting with q&a I just wasn’t getting as many participants at my Experiences as I wanted. And when I looked at what made some of the other Boston Experiences REALLY successful, they all had something in common-a focus on a unique aspect of Boston and New England. I decided it was time to make a change. Luckily, since I’m also a Facilitator for Boston University’s History of Wine course where we read a lot about beverages other than wine I already had a grounding in the drinking history of the region. For this new tasting we’re going to have a bit of a history lesson and taste through what Bostonians were drinking in the 1770’s…Madeira, Port, and Bordeaux, as well as cider, ale, and shrubs. It’s definitely a unique spin on the typical history tour. We just recreated this Hot Ale Flip at home this weekend…it’s good to have a spouse who supports your work and geeky interests!


Liaison for Quini Wine Intelligence: The Quini system is a web-based wine tasting system that breaks the experience of tasting into easy-to-understand steps. It allows for you to rate wines based on taste and texture as well as quality. I’m so excited to be using the Quini system in tastings in and around Boston starting this Spring and am always looking for new location partners to host. If you are a store, restaurant, or other establishment that can host a group of wine lovers for a couple of hours consider joining our program.

BCAE classes: Many moons ago (even before I entered the wine business) my husband and I got our first taste of wine appreciation classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education. It was the place where I had my “Eureka” moment when I stuck my nose in a glass of Cabernet and ACTUALLY COULD SMELL green bell pepper. WOW! Well, now I’m on the teaching staff there and I’m thrilled beyond words to be back to the place where it all started. I’ll be teaching classes about wine labels, aromas, and the wines of Game of Thrones.

Which leads me to…

The Wines of Westeros- A Game of Thrones Tasting: Did you know that I’m the leading authority on wine in the Game of Thrones world?! OK I just made that up, but seriously I’ve spent tons of time reading, researching (reading and watching tv…), and tasting in order to understand everything about the wines from this fictional universe. As we gear up for the sixth and FINAL season of this massively popular HBO show, I combine my two passions of wine and GoT to bring you a unique tasting based on the books and TV series. I’ve analyzed the show and books for clues as to what the wines that are referenced might taste like. I start with visual cues and descriptive passages, and looked at the characteristics of the geography, geology, and cultures of the different regions of Westeros and Essos. I then made comparisons between these factors and real-world wine growing regions to choose the wines that we’ll be tasting. Get your own group of friends together to schedule a private event, or join me in Boston on March 1 or April 19 at the BCAE.

Boston Winery: I’ll be doing more classes at our own hometown winery. Recent programs have been Wine and Chocolate, Wine and Cheese, and Wine 101. Look for more programming through the Spring and into the summer as we offer a new variety of classes.

Wine and cheese class at Boston Winery

Restaurant Program: Kicking off in the Spring I’ll be offering consulting programs for local restaurants. Looking to improve your wine list, your staff training, and increase your wine sales? I’ll be able to help you do all of it!

Thank you for joining me for this wild ride as I continue to spread my wine knowledge. You’ll be seeing more blogs, more funky food experiments, more wine recommendations, and of course more drinking advice! Cheers, and best wishes for you and yours in this new year.