Welcome to a New Year at Vinitas Wineworks!

Happy New Year wine lovers! It’s been way too long since I posted anything to this blog section, but now that I’ve got a new-and-improved webpage thanks to Gordon Multimedia it’s time to reintroduce myself and everything that I do. I specialize in fun, casual wine education. Even though I have loads of wine info bouncing around in my brain my goal is to expose you to all that knowledge in a way that makes sense and is useful to you.

Here’s what I promise:

  • I’ll make it easy to understand, but I won’t dumb it down
  • I’ll introduce you to new wine that I hope you’ll love, but I won’t try to sell you a bottle
  • I’ll listen to your thoughts and ideas, but I’ll never make you feel embarrassed about your preferences

2018 was a great year for me, full of new opportunities and lots of events where I’ve been able to meet wine lovers from all over the world. I visited some wonderful wineries in the Finger Lakes region of New York, got to know the local wines of Massachusetts a bit better, and introduced new programs across the state.  I’m always an optimist at the beginning of January (it probably helps that I get to kick it off with my birthday…) but this year there are so many exciting NEW things planned for 2019. So first, the old things that were either new in 2018 or that I’m really proud to be doing.

Riesling vines at Redtail Ridge Winery

Updated website: Thank you to Ethan Gordon and his team for revamping my site! I hope it is more useful to you now, with a section of wine recommendations that continues to grow. Something that makes me unique is that I often talk about wines based on their styles before I start discussing grape varieties or regions of origin. I do this because it’ll help you to understand your palate better, and to find what other wines you’ll like. My list of wine event themes has been added to with more creative tastings (check out the Heritage tasting and the Game of Thrones tasting for some truly unique ideas!) Finally, there are more and more new events and classes being added every week, so check it out often.

Franklin Wine Club: The hugely-successful, local wine club that I co-host with my partner-in-wine-crime Mark Lenzi. Meeting approximately twice a month we host visiting winemakers, importers, and local suppliers to showcase some excellent wines from around the world. Although we have over 500 members registered in the group our classroom only holds about 35, so events fill up quickly! Sign up here for all the updates and see when our next tasting will be.

The Wonderful World of Wine radio show: After a break for a month full of Christmas music on Franklin Public Radio (102.9 FM WFPR) Mark and I are back on the air WEEKLY with new arguments conversations about current trends and topics in the wine world. If you can’t tune in live you can find all our shows in podcast form here.

Mark Lenzi on-air at WFPR

Educational classes: Classes offered in both Franklin and Boston. Our Boston classes take place monthly at the Boston Winery, and in Franklin at Franklin Liquors weekly on Tuesday evenings through local Continuing Ed and adult education school systems from February through May, and then again September through December.

French Wine class in Franklin Liquors wine room

Weekly wine tastings through Airbnb: Weekly small-group wine tastings for locals and visitors alike will continue in Boston, although with a new spin. Limited to 10 participants per session, they had been structured as a casual wine tasting, but will now be a history lesson about the beverages that were common in Colonial Boston at the time of the American Revolution. So YES there will still be wine, but now also ale and cider, tea and shrubs. The reviews speak for themselves:

Had a FANTASTIC experience with Kim! She’s super knowledgeable and is a treasure trove of information about all things related to wine, while also being infinitely approachable, relaxed, and funny. We spent several great hours chatting, laughing, and learning, then ended up using our newfound knowledge to pick up a few bottles from the wine shop to take home and try! All in all a stellar experience for my partner’s birthday.

And of course your private events! Everything from birthday parties to bookclubs, neighborhood socials to non-profit fundraisers. Because I’m independent and don’t rely on sales of bottles you can rest assured that I’m here to truly help you learn about wine (and not to push you into buying a product). Check out all my unique themes here.

Check back next week for all the new stuff that’s hitting the calendar in 2019!