Welcome to my inaugural blog post! I’m so excited to have founded this company and to be sharing my unique style of wine education with all of you. The purpose of this blog is to guide YOU, to get you more comfortable with that magical substance in your wine glass, and to help you feel less baffled the next time you’re faced with a restaurant wine list or large selection at the local wine shop.
When you enjoy drinking wine as much as I do, at some point you discover that you want to dig a little deeper into it. But where do you start when you want to go from “Just give me a glass of red” to “Is that red going to go with my pork chop?” Sometimes it’s all about asking that first simple question. But since nobody ever wants to seem ignorant (or dumb!), asking that first wine question can be SCARY, especially if you feel you don’t know anything. I remember sitting in my first wine history class (yes, there is such a thing) and realizing that I didn’t even know the difference between Bordeaux and Burgundy-and I bet a lot of you feel the same exact way. I want to build on your own curiosity and enjoyment. Wine is so much fun to drink, it should be just as enjoyable to learn about, so I’ve made that my mission.
With that in mind, this blog aims to answer YOUR wine questions, no matter how elementary or simple they might be. More than anything I want this to generate some great conversations, so the more you engage with me the more I can help you learn. Send me your questions and problems, spread the word through social media, and help me get my message out there that wine education really can be for everybody. This is a judgement-free place, so I won’t talk down to you if you haven’t experienced much beyond White Zinfandel or that BIG bottle of Pinot Grigio. Don’t want to ask your local wine merchant a question because you don’t want to sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about? Send me your question and I’ll do my best to craft a blog post to answer it. I’ll even do it anonymously! You can contact me here, or post a question on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ScaryWine. I’ll also address some of the hot topics in the wine world and other interesting things that I may run across in my wine adventures. It’s been my dream to start this company, and I’m glad you’re along for the ride.
Salute! Now let’s open a bottle.