Wine Tasting Themes

When people hear that I’m a wine professional I get a lot of comments like “I love drinking wine but I don’t know anything about it!”

I get it. You want to learn more about wine, but you don’t know where to start, and the idea of taking a traditional wine education class can be a little scary. We’re here to remove the fear from wine because we remember being a beginner too!

Our topics are a little unconventional and a whole lot of fun. Check out all the options below that we have for increasing your understanding and enjoyment of wine.

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No matter your taste in wine or experience level, we’re here to guide you through a wine tasting that you’ll love. Pick one of our unique themes below or work with us to customize one for your group.

Wine Styles: Learn What You Like and Why

Typically wines are named after either the region or type of grape they’re made from, so most introductory wine tastings introduce you to wines in this way. Ours is different!  We taste through a variety of wines based on how the smell, taste, and are different from one another- their STYLE! You’ll experience five basic styles of wine and learn the appropriate terms for what you experience. Understanding WHY you like the wines you do (and what you don’t like too) is a great way to start your journey of wine appreciation and learn what else is out there that you’ll enjoy drinking.

Learn to Taste

If you’ve ever felt out of place at a restaurant or event when everyone else around you seems comfortable with wine? With this engaging theme, you and your guests will learn how to taste wine like the professionals do, explore why there’s so much emphasis placed on wine aromas, and why all that swirling is necessary. So the next time you’re handed the wine list, or find yourself in a tasting room when you’re on vacation in wine country, you’ll know just what to do.

Back Label Basics

Ever wonder what those professional wine reviews and back-label tasting notes are REALLY saying? We’ll taste through a group of wines while looking at the notes from critics and winemakers, and compare our own impressions. Wine is subjective and there are no wrong answers to what you are experiencing and enjoying!

Wine Aromas and Flavors

Acidic or tannic? Cherry or apple? Wine tasting requires attention to the interesting aromas that hit your sense as well as the variety of textures in the glass. What do those flavors and textures mean, what are the best terms to describe them, and how can you figure out what you like…or don’t like? In this guided tasting we’ll be using the Nez du Vin system to start training your nose to be sensitive to all the wonderful aromas that wine has to offer.

Introduction to Food and Wine Pairings

Explore the basics of food and wine pairings with this interactive theme. We’ll discuss guidelines for making good matches, and learn why some pairings are more successful than others.

Local Wines of New England and New York

New England may not be your first thought when you think “fine wine” but we have a growing wine industry here in the northeast. With two well-regarded growing regions in New York state, as well as Connecticut, Rhode Island, and right here in Massachusetts, explore the history, styles, and grape varieties of our local region.

The Wines of Westeros: A Game of Thrones Wine Tasting

Fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones know there’s a lot of wine flowing through Westeros. Ever curious about what those wines might taste like? Come channel your inner Lannister and taste through a selection of wines from Europe, the Middle East, and the New World that reflect the styles, climates, and regions of George RR Martin’s fictional one.

Heritage Wine Tasting

Make your next wine tasting all about your (and your guests) background and heritage. Like our own little Ancestry adventure, tell me some of the parts of the world that your ancestors come from and I’ll craft a tasting lineup that reflects those places.

Basics of French Wine

France is the birthplace of modern wine, rich with history and tradition. But the wines can be confusing for consumers. Learn some of the basics of French grapes, regions, and styles while we explore some of the reasons behind what has made this country such a wine powerhouse, and find a few new favorites to kick off your French wine journey.